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Offshore Business Setup in Dubai

The most popular and modern way to manage business is through offshore. It offers tax-efficient strategies for entrepreneurs. Majority of the benefits you can get include freedom of operations, ease of running business, and freedom of operations. That is the reason why offshore business setup in Dubai is becoming popular.

Why Setup Offshore Business in Dubai?

There are many reasons why you should setup an offshore business in Dubai and these include:

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    Minimum of one shareholder or director.
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    Minimum capital is needed for setting up an offshore company.
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    The setup costs are less.
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    There’s no onshore office and no employees related costs.
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    Full repatriation of the capital and profits are allowed.
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    An offshore company is exempted from every income and corporate tax.
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    Company may own real estate properties on the approved areas.
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    Hold multi-currency bank accounts.
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    No need to find a UAE national sponsor or shareholder.
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    There’s no public register of the company officers.
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    100% foreign ownership possible.

Benefits of Offshore Business Setup in Dubai

If you’re considering an offshore business setup in Dubai, it’s a good idea to know some of its benefits for you to assess if it’s worth it or not.

Working in Dubai free zones can offer you numerous advantages that you won’t get elsewhere. If you like to have quick access and set up a business in no time, selecting an offshore option is a good choice. Here are some of the biggest advantages of offshore business setup in Dubai and how these can affect you:

Company Ownership

Once you start a traditional business in Dubai and you’re a foreigner, you won’t be able to own your company. You won’t even be allowed to own the majority of your company. But rather, you’re limited to owning forty-nine percent of it. But, if you consider working in Dubai free zones, you will enjoy company ownership.


In terms of taxes, having an offshore company in Dubai is your best option. You won’t need to pay any corporate taxes for up to fifty years. This incentive is one of the reasons why a lot of people have started to set up businesses in such areas and it’s likely very enticing to you. Another one of the best tax incentives is that you won’t have to worry regarding any income taxes in such zones.

It’s also easy to set up business in Dubai free zones and you won’t need to deal with the usual red tape that you’d find in some locations. People may get their business set up within a few weeks. It means less wasted time on paperwork, so you can get to business of growing the company. The costs for operation are lower for majority of businesses. There are also no import duties and most of the zones don’t have restrictions on the currencies.

You may find a good workforce in the area, yet you can bring your own employees in from some countries with little hassle. They make it very easy to set up and operate your business the way you like to run it. You’ll find lots of love in terms of setting up an offshore business in Dubai.

If you still don’t know how to get started, it would be a good idea to hire business consultants who are experts and experienced in offshore business setup in Dubai.


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